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Stuff you should know: Here for QTPOC Initiatives, Spotlights, Coverage, and Support. I'm 18, I'm black(white-passing) and I'm genderesscent. (Online my pronouns are ze/zir/zerm) Have a good one!

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Oh this fetishizing thing again.


So if you’re one of those 빠순이들, just keep hunting ‘pretty’ Korean losers and post your dating experience aka sex list on Tumblr. Then complain and start hating Korea. God, sometime I should translate those girls blogs into Korean and post to Korean community websites. 

I’m a bit late, but I want to have some say on this. I tend to stay out of the tumblrverse because I want to preserve my privacy and because there are too many stuff that makes me upset, but this takes the fucking cake. It makes me very angry when there are some foreign women who are like “gigglety giggles look hawt K-boys!!1!!!11!!” FUCK YOU. There are plenty of foreign women who have good, long lasting, sincere, mature, and respectful relationships. LEARN FROM THEM.

My brother is not a commodity for you to gawk and pet and put into your fucking pockets so you can brag about how exotic it is to have him around. My friend is not some sort of new “it” bag you can cheat on because OMG THAT K-BOY IS HAWT TOO. I am not “just a Korean girlfriend so it doesn’t matter if I hit on her boyfriend even if he doesn’t want to hee hee.” I’m a fucking living breathing woman. So is my brother. So is my friend. So is everyone in this country. So are you. 

Act like a mature adult. 

I know Korea gets crazy whenever there are Korean + non-Korean scenarios, such as the notorious MBC video that treated me as a Korean woman as some sort of delicate flower with no willpower (it has way bigger problems than that but I’ll pass over that for now) but yeah, that doesn’t mean that foreign media are not fucked up in the head. Such as the treatment of Asian women as sex objects and Asian men as “gay-looking” whatever that means. 

And this is just a new form of fetish in my eyes. Quit it. You don’t give a shit about Korea or Korean people or Korean culture or whatever it is that you gush about. You’re just here for some “exotic dream” that’s manufactured by K-dramas. Guess what-dramas are just that, dramas. They aren’t real. They’re about as real as fire-breathing dragons in Game of Thrones. I don’t see how you guys are different from weeaboos who think neko-demon-hime-chan-nyans exist in Japan.

-A very offended Korean woman. 

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