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March of Tigers

One person just doing their best to get by, and help others along the way.

Stuff you should know: Here for QTPOC Initiatives, Spotlights, Coverage, and Support. I'm 18, I'm black(white-passing) and I'm genderesscent. (Online my pronouns are ze/zir/zerm) Have a good one!

The Intersecting Oppressions of Marginalized Groups Miranda rights  Who I Am Here For  
My Tumblr Crushes:wretchedoftheearthhollowpikemanbrashblacknonbelievernotwiththoseshoesonboinavigatethestreamtranqualizerprincessneeshydoomcuddlespepperminttealeavesracismschoolhello hello

My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. wretchedoftheearth
  2. hollowpikeman
  3. brashblacknonbeliever
  4. notwiththoseshoesonboi
  5. navigatethestream
  6. tranqualizer
  7. princessneeshydoomcuddles
  8. pepperminttealeaves
  9. racismschool

hello hello

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